About us

We are a small group of tailoring enthusiasts with a passion for well tailored suits, shirts and a high quality finish. After years of enduring sub-standard quality and sizes that just don't quite fit, we decided to take the tailoring route and began to sample the fine delights of clothes tailored exactly to our sizes and requirements, not other people.

For years we tried high street tailors up and down the country. Some were incredible, cutting clothes that fit so comfortably it was difficult to wear anything else. Some were poor and needless to say, most of those items are now best used for polishing furniture. 

Tailored shirtWe are now in the twenty first century and the wonders of the world wide web are available to us 24 hours a day be it at your traditional desktop PC or your smartphone. But, as with everything on the Internet the sheer choice can be quite bewildering and it can be very difficult to pick the cream of the crop out from the poor shows. Cue Tailor Reviews to pick out the perfect tailor for you.

If you have any questions at all then by all meians feel free to contact us.