New Fashion Trends I Just Don't Understand

   With every new season comes an array of new styles that are launched onto the fashion market and the high street – some of these complement the wearer and help them look dignified and classy, others, the styles I do not understand,  are less than flattering. That some of these styles take off and become increasingly popular is something I will never understand as surely fashion trends are something that individuals adopt to make themselves look better and more appealing to others? That people will, without hesitation, take to wearing some of the more ludicrous garments available is preposterous to me and there are some trends I cannot fathom why they have become popular.


   Onesies, for the uninitiated, are essentially giant baby grows. Whilst they initially rose to prominence in the ironic hipster crowd, the item soon found its way into the mainstream and has been sported by many a minor celebrity who praise the style for its comfort. Whilst they may, like novelty slippers, be a fine item of clothing to relax in behind the comfort of closed doors, and even then I am dubious, the problem comes when individuals begin sporting these outdoors and wearing them to events they are attending. Onesies should be strictly for those under two years of age and only in the comfort of one’s own home.

Spiked clothes

   Of all the new shoe trends that became popular in the last year or so, spiked footwear seemed the least appealing. Whereas nude court heels, cork wedges and even wedged sneakers could be seen as having some type of stylistic advantages to other shoes, the simple addition of spikes and studs to footwear had the double problems of making otherwise classy shoes look instantly ugly and instantly cheap. The idea of adding spikes and studs to otherwise conventional clothes initiated on the catwalks and this is where they should have stayed. Like the hula hoop bags by Chanel during the fashion shows of this week, the design seemed unlikely to catch on and more “conceptual” than high street but, alas, the trend, which begun on shoes but has since spread to garments including jackets and skirts, looks set to increase exponentially in popularity in the near future.

Meggings and Leggings as Trousers

   One trend which has really took hold, one which I really don’t understand, has seen women embrace the  idea of wearing leggings in lieu of trousers, skirts or any other appropriate lower half clothing item. The look is both unflattering and gives the added illusion that the wearer of these has wholly forgotten to get fully dressed. “Meggings” (which is of course a portmanteau of “men” and “leggings”) are the male equivalent of this style of dressing which, like Onesies, has started to find roots in the ironic hipster community but is looking to grow towards widespread adoption in the mainstream. Like their female counterparts, men who sport these are left looking less than dapper or becoming, and it is hard to see the appeal of such a garish choice of clothes.


Kieron Casey is a fashion writer who blogs on all the latest fashion developments and new shoe trends at a number of outlets. He is appalled by the growth in popularity of Onesies.