Tailor Store Review

Tailor StoreWhether for your professional or everyday needs, Tailorstore.com provides you with the capability to design your clothing exactly the way that you want to. It lures you in with its 100% perfect fit guarantee and first-class quality products. Everything is laid out flawlessly right from the starting page.

Shirts, the prized product of the site, can be designed from a wide array of fabrics including classic, eco, wrinkle-free, and high end. In addition, there are several different fits, sleeve options, collar and cuff styles available. You can also select from a gallery comprised of already tailor-made men’s shirts, in a variety of excellent patterns that come in both business and casual cuts. 

Tailor Store shirtsYou can also find ladies’ shirts, polos, and chinos all sure to make you feel as sophisticated as you’ll look. Be sure to visit all the segments for clothing provided in the main navigation bar (shirts, piqué polos, chinos, and underwear) and you will be led to a page where you can create a fully customised version of each item to fit your desires. For each there is a plethora of options. 

Tailor Store shirtLook out for the accessories department where you can choose between a range of premium ties, cuff links, scarves (composed of a blend of 30% cashmere and 70% wool,) and socks, as well as gifts certificates and extras. There is also a link to an easy to use measurement guide (which is where that 100% perfect fit guarantee comes in.)

Tailorstore.com is our top choice for online tailors and come highly recommended for their superior quality of finished products and a refreshingly easy to use and functional website.



We have awarded Tailor Store 5/5 for their excellent tailoring and comprehensive website.

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