Men's Style: How to Dress With Flair

Written by Sally Taylor on .

Millions of men around the world aspire to obtain the highest sense of fashion possible and attempt to reflect it throughout their wardrobe. There is a specific word, flair, which a lot of people seem to use frequently when referencing their style. Many men are quick to use this term, but very few can truthfully say that their outfit represents it. Dressing with flair is a skill that requires time and effort to study and master. How, then, can a man dress with flair?

What Does “Flair” Mean?

A study was conducted recently on a randomly selected group of men that were asked to define the word “flair”. Less than 20% of the group was able to provide the correct definition. Over the years, many people have believed the false meanings of this word as interpreted by other people without finding out for themselves what the word truly meant.

By definition, to have flair means to have smartness of style and a keen, intuitive perception or discernment. In the world of fashion, therefore, dressing with flair requires one to go about doing so intuitively and with discernment. You have to be able to coordinate your outfits in a planned arrangement that is well-thought and executed properly.

How can this be accomplished?

Visualize Before Purchase

The most famous fashion designers are able to visualize their outfits before they are created. In order to be able to master the art of flair in fashion, you have to be able to visualize an outfit being put together before you make a purchase. There are so many people that just buy their clothes at random simply because they look good on the rack. However, they never take the time to think about what they currently have (or need) in order to match whatever they want to buy. Visualization plays a significant role in achieving flair, because you are mentally able to coordinate your wardrobe and put it together like a puzzle.  You are able to mentally make any additions or subtractions from your wardrobe as you shop but before you make any final purchases. This allows you to make sure that you are purchasing clothes with a solid objective in mind, which also helps you to save money on the back-end.

Do Not Avoid the Fitting Room

It is extremely easy to buy a bunch of clothes and immediately leave the store without even looking at the fitting room. Remember, you have to be smart about your fashion choices in order to dress with flair. This requires you to try on the clothes that you are interested in purchasing. After you have already taken the time to visualize them being included in your wardrobe arrangement, you now need to try them on to test their level of comfort, style and overall look. Just because something looks good on a mannequin or on a hanger does not mean that it is going to look good on you. The fitting rooms and mirrors are there for a reason. Make the smart choice and use them properly before you head to the checkout line.


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